Military Job

military job

Many men tie their lives to service in the army. For some it’s just a service, but someone said it was their main job. In order to pass the service of US military forces can offer two variants, each of which has its own nuances.

Immediately I will say that the road to professional military will take you more than one or even two weeks, some even go this way within six months. Here much depends on the personal quickness, the presence of a great desire to serve under contract, is also important if you have the opportunity to combine work with the selection process for the contract and the quality of your resume. How to describe the experience in the military summary you can read here What I mean to say a single word “want” is not enough. Will have to run and sweat in the literal and figurative sense. Starting from the fact that sometimes you have to find yourself in a military unit there is a vacancy for a service contract.

You “hire” to work for a specified period, and you, in turn, agree to faithfully serve for a period of 2 to 6 years. You are given a contract, you are reading it, ask any questions and then sign. From this point on you – the property of the state. US Army invites to a contract of US citizens and Green Card holders.

The service in the US Army 

recruit contract harder and harder, so the cash bonuses are increasing every year every year. In order to be able to get a service without any problems, you can use military resume writers reviews and choose a resume writing service that is most suitable to you. In 2011, the newly made soldiers will receive a bonus of $ 20,000 dollars if he signed for 2 years at least. 4 years – already $ 30,000.

The salary of an ordinary small, $ 1,800, plus a bonus, but it does not get it all, and in parts each year of service under the contract. If a soldier is married, in addition, it receives a minimum of $ 1,000 per month for accommodation. If you’re not married, then the soldier can live in the dorms, it’s like a small hotel for 2 people, there is a shower, toilet, microwave oven, air conditioning, beds and furniture. For this do not take money – it’s all part of the social package!

In the American army as a job 

US forces are composed of several main components. This is the Army, called the US Army – the largest division of the US Armed Forces. Next come the United States Naval Forces. Then the US Marines, it is subject to the Department of Navy. They are followed by the Air Force. Next is the US Coast Guard. Land as border guards is not the army, and a specialized unit at the Border Guard Department of Homeland Security.

“Social Pentagon package” 

In general, the benefits package provided by the Pentagon – is more than 140 benefits, which include – insurance that soldier costs 5 times cheaper than the ordinary citizen, medical care which includes even the payment of plastic surgery, spending on education, transportation, the possibility to make shopping in specialty stores. But as always continue such a good life can not be sent and the time comes to retire, the state will take care of its veterans. At discharge from the Army, each employee, depending on the age and rank receives from $ 13,390 to $ 161.857 severance pay, pension ranges from $ 664 to $ 18.061, depending on rank and length of service, are stored and put multiple benefits to veterans. According to the US Department of Defense: The average annual salary of an ordinary or a sergeant serving in the army is $ 32,195 (an officer receives $ 64,125). US Air Force soldiers and sergeants earn, on average, $ 33,095, officers – $ 66,883 Naval officers – $ 33,744, US Navy officers – $ 65,940 Marine Corps soldiers and sergeants – $ 29,355 (officers – $ 62,161)