How Americans are taught to love the army

Americans army

One of the most important pillars of US reputation (at least domestically) is the American army. How does a gigantic propaganda machine make Americans admire their armed forces? What actually face those who decide to enter military service in order to bring the light of “freedom and democracy” on the planet?
Americans admire their army like no other government institution. Over the past two decades, respect for the courts, schools, the press, Congress, religion, big business, and virtually all other major systemic institutions has declined. The only exceptions are the military.

In opinion polls at the Gallup Institute, at least three-quarters of Americans regularly express their approval of the US military.
Put on a man’s military uniform, give him a weapon, and they will worship him, despite the fact that today no more than 1% of the US population intersects with the army. FROM

Among the Americans, a somewhat infantile idea of ​​almost all military or police officers as being necessarily “heroes” is widespread.
How is such an opinion formed, so atypical for Russia, where the Armed Forces only in recent years began to enjoy respect and authority after a long period of humiliation?
That’s how. For example, in the United States, one rarely can hear a politician or a public person who dares to openly criticize the US military. Although specific military conflicts within the United States can be harshly condemned, nevertheless, such criticism will always be accompanied by a remark that the applicant “supports our troops”. It is reported by Rambler.

Arriving at the service, a rookie in the US Army is faced with racism, hazing, sexual harassment, and suicide. According to statistics, the level of suicide among US troops doubled between 1999-2016. For example, last year, the Marine Corps reported the highest suicide rates in its ranks for a decade. According to a recent Pentagon biennial report, the number of sexual crimes in the US Army has increased by 38% compared to 2016. Meanwhile, 40% of non-white soldiers admit that they encounter manifestations of racial intolerance in the army. Former military personnel bring ruined mental and physical health to civilians. It is known that on average 22 veterans end their lives every day in the United States, often they do it right in the parking lots and in the emergency rooms of medical facilities of the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs.